Le Tellier, Jean-Bapiste Joseph - portrait of a soldier

This miniature portrait is unsigned and the sitter is unknown, although he is obviously an army officer of some nature.

However, a kind visitor to the website has advised that the portrait is by Jean-Baptiste Joseph Le Tellier (1759->1812). He worked in Paris as a painter of miniatures on ivory, and on enamel, in the years before and after 1800, although his enamels appear to be rare. Seven miniatures by him appear in the Louvre catalogue.

The Louvre catalogue gives his birth date as 1759, but includes as fig. 431 a miniature by him, which is signed and dated 1770. Thus there must be some doubt, either about the date of his birth, or about the signature, as in 1770 he would have been aged only 11.

Schidlof comments that Le Tellier "was inconsistent in the quality of his works, but in his good pieces he showed a first class talent. They often have an appearance which reminds one of Dumont. However, it cannot be said that he imitated Dumont, for his much finer and more detailed technique differs entirely." 703


Lada Syrovatko said...

Maybe it is meant father, Jean-Baptiste Le Tellier Senior ?

Don Shelton said...

Possibly, but I was just recording the dates in the Louvre catalogue.

Lada Syrovatko said...

I have the miniature on ivory and playcard,that style applies to the beginning of 1700 ( in the carved wooden frame period) . Portrait shows the mother of Louis XV according to the inscription in verso
(I believe this is an error , and it is likely the lady of the house of Conti ) . Portrait is signed ( on the mirror , which sitter looking in) Le Tellier. I fink, it may be the dynasty of painters.