Curion, Alessandro - portrait of a mother and children

Regretably, the images of this portrait do not adequately demonstrate its vitality, nor the amount of detail the artist has included. It is quite large for a miniature at 130 mm x 80 mm.

The miniature is signed on the pedestal at the lower right "Alessandro Curion Roma 1912".

Curion is not recorded in Blattel and the only other example by him that has been found on the Internet, is a miniature signed and dated 1905 in the Ploiesti Museum, Roumania.

However, given the quality of this miniature, there must be other examples in existence and this example provides a good reference point.

The rear is stamped with his address; 22 Via Babuino, Rome, Italy.

The sitters are unknown, but the portrait was acquired from Argentina, so presumably the family emigrated to Argentina. 1220


Peter & Marie said...

I have a portrait in mignature of my great grand mother painted in Rome in 1894 by Curion.

Janine said...

I also have a miniature painted by Curion in 1895
Is he a known artist?
My father gave me this miniature and it has been sitting in a drawer for twenty years or more.

I would like some information if that is possible?
The portrait is of a young boy.

Don Shelton said...

I have shown above all I could find out about him.