Pinhas, Jude Low - portrait of Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, is the subject of this portrait. Although unsigned, it was originally attributed to Anton Friedrich Konig (1722-1787) who worked in Berlin and Potsdam.

However, a kind expert has now advised that it is probably by Jude Low Pinhas (1727-1793) who was born in Lehrberg, near Ansbach.

Schidlof comments "About 1769 he came to Bamberg where he worked as a miniaturist at the court. Thanks to the Duchess Friederike Wilhelmine he was able to do the portrait of Frederick the Great, of the Kronprinz, and of the Prince of Orange during his eleven month stay in Berlin. His miniatures painted in "pointille" very much resemble those of Anton Friedrich Konig."

Konig himself painted many miniature portraits of Frederick the Great for presentation to foreign ambassadors.

This one by Pinhas is believed to be a copy of a large portrait by Antoine Pesne. There is a similar style portrait of Frederick's brother, Augustus William in the Orange-Nassau collection, fig. 301. This even has same tiny horsemen in the background, but is on vellum.

The miniature shown here, is a large one for the period, being 135 mm x 115 mm. The frame is original and being made of silver, is quite a rare item in its own right. 1039

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