Le Fevre - portrait of Duc de'Penthievre

This miniature portrait has been attributed to Le Fevre, but may be by another artist. Le Fevre worked in France around 1750. The detail is amazing for such a small miniature, it being only 75mm x 53mm

Schidlof says little about him, but does comment; "Skilful artist who painted in fine "pointille" in the style of Peters. His miniatures have light and pleasant colours, the background is executed in horizontal brush strokes."

However, recent research has brought to light his full name as Andre Claude Martin Lefevre d'Orgeval. Lefevre d'Orgeval is listed in the acts of bankruptcy in the Archives de Paris and his profession is recorded as Peintre en miniature. Until this discovery, little was known about the miniaturist who signed his works Le Feure.

Lefevre d'Orgeval is recorded as living at the quai Pelletier, in the Parish of Saint-Germain and was declared bankrupt on 8 March 1763. His list of badly paying clients including many of the leading aristocracy of the day; the duc de Brancas, the Prince of Anhalt, the princesse de Rohan, the princesse de Guemen‚e, the comte d'Egmont, Lord Hamilton and many others. It is tempting to believe that within this circle, Lefevre d'Orgeval would have also received Royal commissions.

The sitter in this miniature is Duc de'Penthievre (1725-1793), wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece, and portrayed as Admiral of the Fleet.

The Duke of Penthievre (1725-1793) (Louis Jean-Marie de Bourbon), was son of the comte of Toulouse, himself an illegitimate son of Louis XIV. The Duke was Lord high Admiral of France in 1734. He had the order of the Golden Fleece in 1738, and Holy Spirit in 1742. As he is wearing the blue Ribbon of the Holy Spirit in this miniature, he is 17 years old, although he looks younger.

His daughter and heiress, Louise Marie Adélaïde de Bourbon-Penthièvre, married Philippe (Egalite), Duke of Orleans.

It has been suggested that perhaps the miniature is based on a lost painting by Nattier or Tocque. For more about the Duke see Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, duc de Penthièvre - Wikipedia, the ... and - nil and others 908 A kind correspondent has sent me another portrait which appears to be based on the same original. 

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